Magnolia - Carlsbad, CA - 3,212 SF + 4BD + 3.5 BA

Architectural Style: Modern Farmhouse
Magnolia is a significant transformation of the owner’s childhood home. Features like the steep 12:12 metal roofs softening to 3:12 pitches; soft arch shaped doug fir beams; custom designed double gable brackets; exaggerated beam extensions; a detached arched/ louvered carport marching along the front of the home; an expansive rear deck with beefy brick bases with quad columns, large protruding arched beams; an arched louvered structure centered on an outdoor fireplace; cased out openings and detailed trim work throughout the home; and many other architectural features have created a unique and elegant home along Highland Ave. in Carlsbad, California. Great projects do not get built without an excellent homeowner, general contractor, interior designer and landscape architect.

sk7 Architecture